Salsa Workshop for Companies

Having danced Cuban Salsa and experiened its impact for over 5 years myself, the only right thing to do was to share this with many more people. Together with Fleur, my dance partner for already a couple of years, we host workshops Cuban Salsa for Companies.


Why How What

Let me dive a bit more into depth on what such a salsa workshop can give you.

Why a salsa workshop is a great idea for your company or team

  • It’s a lot of fun!
  • Salsa works great for vitality.
  • People generally bond in a way they have never done (with colleagues).
  • It can be a start of a new (shared) passion of many.

How does such a workshop look like?

  • Generally a workshop takes about 120 minutes.
  • We can either come to your office or host it in a bar (Amsterdam Oud-West) were a max. of 30 people will be welcomed, drinks included (2 each).
  • We cover a little story behind the salsa, incl. the personal stories of Fleur and myself.
  • After a little warming up, we will move towards the salsa steps, which will be done both individually as well as in couples (leader and follower).

What this would mean for you?

  • You can offer up to 30 colleagues a fun night out (generally 18:30 – 20:45).
  • It’s also possible to have 15 colleagues invite someone (e.g. their partner).
  • Join a list of a number of companies in (mainly) Amsterdam that already have joined our workshop (all of them at least came back once).